Andzejs Stenclavs

We launched the Kinetics brand in 2002. My commitment to Kinetics from the very beginning has been about developing a professional product line that is unparalleled in style and quality. Together, the Kinetics team and I have created a fresh, fashionable nail brand that is gaining new distributors every year.

Much of my working time is spent with our wonderful distributors. It is my duty to personally make sure that our distributors know that they always have tangible, real support from Kinetics. I like traveling and meeting our distributors, and it makes me feel good when I see they are happy with Kinetics. Of course, there are always a lot of issues to be solved, which is challenging, as every market is different. It is very exciting to meet new people and plan our strategies together. When I see them succeeding, I know my help was valuable. That also feels great.

Another major part of my job is at the office, where I work with my team and support them during daily operations and new product development. We all strive to make Kinetics a better brand.

What are my favorite Kinetics products? Gel and acrylic Nailfinity, BioDefense Gel, and Kinetics’ nail polishes are the products our distributors like most. I'm proud of these and have a great liking for them as well, because they are among the best in the industry.