Linda Bebrisa

I had already been involved in the nail business for a while when in the year 2000, I founded a nail school in Riga. This turned out to be a great way for me to add to the knowledge I had accumulated earlier about nail products, color, and nail art trends; this experience was a big help to me when I joined Kinetics in 2003.

I like to express my creativity and style ideas by creating a feel that is unique to Kinetics. I believe in implementing fashion and style into everything we do, from our trade show booth and website to product packaging and advertising images. My policy is to communicate with nail technicians every day so that I can incorporate their ideas for new products and technology.

Of course I adore all of our products, but the ones I personally use most are Epsilon BioDefense and Sinfull, Kinetics Nail Color #116. BioDefense gives such a natural- and perfect-looking manicure and pedicure. The service time is quick, and it lasts for two weeks. As for Sinfull…well, all I can say is that it’s been my favorite color for more than two years!