Ilze Sadovska

I'm a sales and marketing manager by trade, and the newest member of the Kinetics team. I love everything about my job here: communicating with people, working in the trade industry, and the creativity involved with the work. The variety is so much fun; with Kinetics, I can participate in projects of different kinds, plan various activities, and plan the development of our business in other countries!

I found Kinetics when I was looking for new opportunities and challenges in my work life because my previous job had no growth potential. Quite by chance, I saw an ad on the internet with key words that spoke to me - creativity, beauty, and communication - and I decided to apply. So here I am, and I'm glad it worked out this way.

I love to do my nails at home as well as having them done at the salon, so my favorite Kinetics products are the nail polishes and other nail care products!