Kinetics Courses

Meet our international team, the most important people behind Kinetics. They have achieved excellence with their work and are passionate about sharing their skills and inspiring you to do big things!

Start your career, become an expert, or go further to earn your Kinetics Educator certificate. Our Educator team will encourage and support you.

Start Your Nail Career!

Your first step in learning the basics about nails and strating your own career. Courses include a mix of theoretical lessions and hands-on practice, providing a great fundation for starting your salon career as a nail professional.

Acrylic Basics

A foundation course for acrylic nail extensions

Gel Basics

A foundation course for gel nail extensions

Introduction Course

An itroduction to Kinetics products and application technique

Master Your Skills

Colored Acrylic Design

A creative, fun course for colored acrylic design ideas

Colored Gel Design

An exciting course that covers creating art with colored gels

Competition Course

A course for experienced nail artists on how to win competitions

Next Step - Kinetics Educator


Teaching techniques and everything required to become Kinetics educator

Master Educator

Pro-grade presentation and personality training