Zoltan Toth-Pallos


In 2002, Zoltan was looking for nail courses for his mother-in-law. When he found a school he liked, they thought he wanted to be a student. They told him that male technicians are few and far between in the industry. The next week, he was suddenly in a class with twenty women, learning about anatomy, manicures, pedicures, chiropody, and all sorts of nail extensions. He found all of it interesting, but his favorite part was the finishing touch: painting and decorating nails. Zoltan’s mother-in-law never started the course, but she was his model on his final practical exam.

From the time Zoltan first started studying, he has been making an effort to constantly update his skills and learn new techniques, both through study and through participating in nail competitions. He believes that if you want to be a professional, you have to use professional tools and products and keep your skills current.

In 2007, Zoltan decided to enhance his qualifications even further by becoming an instructor, so he sat and passed the Instructor exams at the Kinetics Nail Academy. Now he also teaches classes on every kind of nail technique in a salon environment in Brighton, a job he especially enjoys. Zoltan likes passing on his own experience, and he loves how teaching reinforces and improves his own skills as well as those of his talented students.