At the recent trade show in Spain, Kinetics provided its Spanish distributor with a complete booth solution. The Spanish team was thrilled to be using such a modern, stylish booth!

Kinetics Educator Zoltan Toth, a long-time competitor, attended the show in the capacity of 3D nail art exhibitor and consultant to Spanish nail artists. He also acted as part of the judging panel for the Spanish nail art competition. “It was the first time that I was on the other side of the competition. It was challenging. The competitors worked hard, and I saw a high standard of quality in their work. The colorful and bohemian world of Spain was shown off in the competitors’ masterpieces. The Spanish market is definitely open-minded regarding colors, fancy design, and nail art,” notes Toth.

After the show in Spain, the booth was returned to the Latvian office to await the next trade show. Kinetics would like to remind all its distributors that the booth is available free of charge to any Kinetics distributor upon request.

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