We at Kinetics would like to share the news about an option that is open to our distributors free of charge: a custom-made Kinetics booth for use at trade shows! The Kinetics corporate booth is easy to adjust to any floor space and is the perfect solution for presenting Kinetics’ distinctive image.

The Kinetics booth, which is provided at the distributor’s request, has proven its worth to our distributors and impressed clients many times over. Most recently, it paid a visit to the ExCel show in London, where Margarita Belska, a Kinetics International Educator, presented our products with great success. The entire basic product range was represented at the booth, as were our latest innovations, such as the Nailfinity gels.

Do you have a trade show coming to your area? Are you ready to electrify your client base with a classy arrangement of Kinetics products? Contact us today for details on how to bring the booth to you!

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