K-Professional Kit Acrylic


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The best selection of Kinetics products for the professional technician. This kit contains a complete selection of highest-quality liquids, powders, brushes, nails, forms, and files to creat the best acrylics available.

Kit Contains:

K-Monomer 4fl oz/118ml

K-Polymer Absolute Pink 0.74 oz/21g

K-Polymer Crystalline 0.74 oz/21g

K-Polymer Dynamite White 0.38 oz/11g

K-Polymer Radiant White 0.38 oz/11g

K-Primer 0.5 fl oz/14ml

K-Dehydrator 1 fl oz/29ml

K-Brush On Resin 7g

K-Brush Cleaner 4 fl oz/118ml

K-Salon Brush #8

K-Brush #4

K-Forms 100pcs

K-Tips Infusion 20pcs

K-Tips Linear Plus Clear 20pcs

K-Tips Linear Plus 20pcs

K-Tips Infusion Clear 20pcs

K-Essential Oil 0.5 fl oz/15ml

E-Super Sealer 0.5 fl oz/14ml

K-File Red Piranha 100/100 grit

K-File Yellow Alligator 150/150 grit

K-File White Turtle 180/180 grit

K-Sponge Funny Penguin 240/240 grit

K-File Snake Shiner

Dappen Dish


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